Hvem kan delta?

Kort sagt; alle kan delta på Coasteering! Vi har utviklet ruter som passer for ulike ferdigheter og motivasjon. 

Do I have to jump off a cliff? I’m scared of heights!

Don’t worry – guides put no pressure on you to jump. Friends and family might, though, and you might surprise yourself if you don’t look down.

Er det noe nedre eller øvre aldersgrense?

Barn mellom 7-15 år.

Vi arrangerer barnecoasteering for barn mellom Are you aged eight or over? Can you swim doggypaddle? Then you can take the plunge. Although it helps to be confident in the water, you’ll have a wetsuit and a buoyancy aid for warmth and flotation and you’ll wear a safety helmet. Most operators run short family adventures as well as full-day adventures for older teenagers and adults.

Yes – there is a minimum age limit of 14 years. There are no weight or height restrictions but a basic level of fitness is required to scramble on rocks and move around freely. You should also be comfortable swimming in the sea.

What’s included in our Coasteering session?

We can tailor specific packages for a variety of groups but as standard we include the following in your experience:

Fully Qualified Beach Lifeguards & Instructors
Våtdrakt, hjelm og flytevest, skotøy
Coasteering instrutør med nødvendig sikkerhetsutstyr

We are fully insured with risk assessment, SOPs & EAPs
Tailored sessions to suit the ability of your group
An adrenaline pumping time in a variety of locations

Insurance & Health & Safety

At the forefront of our operation is our consideration for your health and safety! To make you rest assured we have some fantastic news!

We are a fully insured activity provider
We are consultants for the Devon & Cornwall Health & Safety Coasteering Group
With over 8 years of experience we have got the T-Shirt
We have various routes in a variety of locations to suit the ability of your group
All of our equipment is new for 2015 and we provide you with everything you need
All our team are fully qualified beach lifeguards (The Hoff eat your heart out)
Our locations have Risk Assessments, Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Action Plans in place to keep you safe
We can tailor our sessions for group specific needs
With all of this and we still know how to have fun!


Full details of our cancellation policy can be seen in our T&C’s.

We appreciate that cancellations do sometimes happen so we try to be as accommodating as possible.

What do I need to bring?

All specialist equipment will be provided including helmets, buoyancy aids, wetsuits, gloves and specialist instruction. You will need to bring swimming togs for under the wetsuit and a pair of old runners/trainers that can get wet. Bring a warm change of clothes and dry shoes for afterwards and any medication that you require, e.g. inhalers, epipen.


What is a typical session?

A session will normally take a maximum of 3 hours. This may vary depending on the overall ability and size of the group.


Where do I go to?

When your booking has been confirmed you will be given details of when and where to meet. Bring along a copy of your booking confirmation. Your instructor will carry out a full safety brief and complete all necessary paperwork - medical declaration and waiver form (if the participant is under 16 years of age, waiver forms must be signed by a parent/legal guardian). You will then get changed into your wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and gloves.


How many people can take part?

Minimum group size of 8 people with a maximum of 16 people at one time (minimum of 2 instructors at all times). If you don’t have 8 in your party, we can join you with another group.

Hva er coasteering?

Coasteering handler om å utforske den spennende kystlinjen vår fra havnivå. Vi klatrer på klippeformasjoner, vi hopper fra høyder og vi svømmer. Alle Coasteering rutene er tilpasset  to suit your groups expectations and abilities 

Når kan jeg coasteere og hvor lenge varer det?

Coasteering kan gjennomføres hele året igjennom, men hovedsesongen varer fra april til oktober. We’re normally in the water for approx 2-2½ hours. Add to that getting changed before and after…it’s a good half day activity.Summer Adventures run 9.30am-1230am & 2pm-5pm daily (March-October) Winter Adventures start at 11am or 1pm daily (November-February).

Er det noe aldersgrense for å coasteere?

Vi arrangerer familieturer hvor nedre aldersgrense på barn er 7 år (Må passe i drakt tilsvarende 120 høy). Vi kan gjennomføre barnecoasteering på forespørsel. Vi arrangerer egne ungdomsturer fra 12-15 år. Our record so far is 76 years young. If you’re happy to jump in the sea (not necessarily from a great height) then we’ll help you tick that bucket list.

Hvor kan vi gjøre coasteering? 

We meet you at Abereiddy beach, just North of St Davids. Visit the Contact us page for a map & directions to Abereiddy bay, North Pembrokeshire.
Exploring the right hand side of the bay, its got the lot, small to BIG cliff jumps, scramble climbing, water features & more. We finish the session in the Blue Lagoon (Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series location 2012 & 2013).

Hva er minimum gruppestørrelse?

We have no minimum group size, individuals, couples and small groups are welcome, we can also accommodate larger groups.

Hva om jeg ikke kan svømme?

Ikke noe problem, våtdrakten og flytevesten holder deg flytende som en dupp. Your Guide will be close at hand throughout the activity, choosing a route that’s suitable for everyone and all elements are optional.

Vil jeg bli kald og hva om det regner?

Your first dip will be refreshing, after that the wetsuits get to work and will keep you toasty warm throughout your adventure. Rain or shine – we can go Coasteering, as you’ll be getting very wet anyway.

Hva må vi ha med?

You’ll need swimwear, a towel, an old pair of shorts (to wear over the wetsuit) and a pair of old trainers (we don’t recommend wetsuit boots or beach shoes, trainers are preferred). We provide the rest, including – winter steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, neoprene wetsuit gloves, hoods and socks.

Hva er inkludert?